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Urban Pantry

A carefully curated selection of delicious & healthy pantry essentials.

A fruity dressing perfect for making your summer salad with arugula, berries, and candied walnuts. You can also use it as a marinade for your grilled chicken too!
An essential Pinoy condiment for cooking or in dipping soy sauce w/ sili
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Old-fashioned papaya atchara made spicy with pickled local red chilis
All-natural Filipino spicy vinegar dip, made with real ingredients & spices.
Black truffle infused oil combines premium Italian olive oil and Sabatino’s all-natural black truffle extract derived from our proprietary steam extraction process. The flavor is reminiscent of cocoa, nuts, and earthy notes.  Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy Free. Recommended uses: Use as a finishing oil to drizzle a...
Truffle Zest® is the best-selling truffle seasoning in the world. This seasoning powder starts with ground black summer truffles which are aromatic and earthy. The result is a low-calorie and low-sodium seasoning that is loaded with real black truffle flavors and aromas that can be added to any dish. Kosher,...
The perfect blend of premium-quality clover honey with the earthy taste of truffles for a balanced and complex truffle honey. Clover honey offers a subtler sweetness that allows the black truffles to shine. Honey includes black truffle shavings for a visual queue of truffles and enhanced flavor infusion. Use for...
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Truffle & Sea Salt is a balanced blend of truffles and the finest Sicilian sea salt. The alchemy this creates is an aromatic finishing salt that can be used to accentuate and complete any dish with profound truffle flavor. Use this seasoning in place of salt, to season any dish....