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Urban Pantry

A carefully curated selection of delicious & healthy pantry essentials.

Nitrate free hotdogs, no food colouring, no extenders, no sugar, dairy-free and gluten free. *Cooking suggestion:åÊwrap mini hotdogs with bacon, before cooking!
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Malt-based ice cream made with Horlicks and Maltesers.
Nitrate free hotdogs, no food colouring, no extenders, no sugar, dairy-free, and gluten free.åÊ
Also known as Ojo de Bife, the Ribeye comes from the primal section called the beef rib. This famous cut of steak is known for being rich in flavor and has a tender texture. It also has great marbling to it which allows more moisture and flavor to soak into...
Ready to cook classic beef tapa, made from tender grass-fed beef
Ready to cook tender & juicy corned beef Made with 100% Argentinian Bolzico Beef  Frozen Ready to Cook Deli Pack | 200g Ingredients: Argentinian Grass-fed Beef, Salt, Sugar, and Spices Perfect with Fried Rice, Eggs and Potato Hash
Our bestseller. No fibers, just pure Mango chewy goodness
All natural banana chips. Made with giant bananas, or locally known as saba, this Salted Giant Banana Chips is made using unripe saba, cooked in coconut oil, and lightly salted. No preservatives or sugars. High in potassium & fiber.
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Homemade tender boneless chicken BBQ with a hint of zesty calamansi!
Japanese favorite Chicken Karaage, you can easily prepare at home! Just coat chicken with flour that's included in the pack before frying.
Sweet and Juicy marinated chicken tocino, no coloring & preservative-free
A bestseller - longganisa without the casing, lean meat full of flavor
Easy to prep meal of premium black wagyu cubes (Gyu-kushi)
Also known as Vacio, is found in the bottom abdominal area of the cow and has an intense beefy flavor. For extra tenderness, thinly cut it against the grain.
Our version of the Pinoy favorite side dish, tangy mangoes with a sweet and salty flavor
BBD: Oct 18, 2022 Bonsoy is a natural, full bodied soymilk with a subtle smooth trademark flavor and is an excellent source of quality vegetable protein. Enjoy Bonsoy straight from the pack, in smoothies, on cereal and perfect to use in your favorite recipes!
Introducing POWERNAP Specialty Coffee Capsules! (Nespresso machine compatible) Locally roasted & neatly prepared & flushed with nitrogen to keep it fresh for longer (1 year!). Sidamo Espresso Origin: Ethiopia, Africa Profile: Tea, Lemon, Cocoa, Chocolate