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Urban Pantry

A carefully curated selection of delicious & healthy pantry essentials.

Extra crunchy potato chips, with premium black truffle flavoring
Classic 70% dark chocolate, made from cacao sourced from Davao.
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A refreshing boost of calamansi citrus to your velvety dark chocolate.
Vaccum-fried real fruits & vegetables
Vacuum-fried real shiitake mushrooms
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  Philippine dried mango covered in premium dark chocolate, bite-sized, 19pcs/box.
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  Philippine dried mango strips dipped in premium dark chocolate, made from fine Philippine cacao
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A surprisingly perfect combo: Dried green mangoes, salt & dark chocolate
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Enjoy velvety dark chocolate with spice from ginger & mint.
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Dark chocolate w/ black sesame, praline, cashews, and pili nuts.